The new and improved Admin Dashboard allows you to optimize your conferencing experience by allowing you the convenience of managing all of your account’s conferences, users and features in one place.

Basic View
Browse and search through all of your assigned conferences in an easy to read grid display.

Advanced View
Filter your conferences by account level or department. Create and print new conference cards instantly.

Edit Conference Account/User Information
Edit the name, user and phone number associated with each conference on your account.

Change Passcodes
Change your conference passcodes for added security to any of your old or outdated accounts.

View Conference History
View your participant list, conference details and estimated costs across multiple accounts

Download Recordings
Download MP3 recordings from any of your managed conferences via the Conference History panel

Control Conference Features
Enable or Disable conferencing features such as Entry/Exit Tones, Name Record Playback and Billing Code Prompts for all managed conferences.

Web Conferencing
Add Web Conferencing on any conference for instant access to our suite of Web Conferencing tools.

Large Accounts - Create Multiple Level Admins
Manage large accounts easily with the flexibility to add multiple admin users and the ability to segment your conferences by account.

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Getting started with the Admin Dashboard
is fast and easy!

Once your account information has been verified, you will be added as the administrator of your account. From there you simply log into the Customer Dashboard from the website and you’ll see the tab for “Admin Controls”.

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