Reservationless - Audio Conferencing

Our Reservationless audio conferencing provides toll-free access to our conference bridge 24/7 without the need to schedule a conference in advance. Each leader is assigned a toll-free number and passcode to access their conference. Operator assistance is available at all times, by pressing *0. For your convenience, we offer unique passcodes that can be used across all of our services. So that means less passcodes to remember no matter which Conference Group audio conferencing service you are using.

Reservationless toll-free conferencing allows you to enjoy unprecedented freedom to connect with business partners around the world. You are free to call whenever you like without having to schedule it in advance, yet you receive the same support and many of the same tools that are available for an event that has been arranged in advance.

We offer toll-free conferencing throughout the United States and worldwide. Even our most basic toll-free Reservationless call options boast a full list of features to enhance your productivity during and after the call. Control who in your group has talking privileges; mute everyone but one speaker, and more. Advanced technology makes your conference even more productive, allowing you to record, playback, review participants, and more. This combination of features is available for all of our Reservationless conferencing options.

Free Recordings

The Leader can Start/Stop a conference recording by pressing *2. The recorded conference is a MP3 file that can be downloaded and/or emailed. Conference recording is a free audio conferencing feature, available on our Reservationless, Event & Event Answered audio conferencing services.
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Included Features
Attendance Reports
A report detailing each conference call, including caller ID, entry and exit times, and a link to listen to a MP3 recording of the conference (if the conference is recorded by the Leader). The Attendance Report is emailed to the conference Leader following each call.
Audio Streams (MP3)
Link to an MP3 file of your recorded conference. Audio Stream files can be downloaded or streamed via your browser. MP3 files are compatible with most browsers and media players.
Billing Codes
When enabled, conference Leaders are prompted to enter a numeric code followed by the # key prior to gaining access to the conference. This code will appear on the invoice, enabling the Leader to track conference usage at the individual client level. Up to 20 Numeric characters.
Entry/Exit Tones
Choices are: Tone, Message, Tone & Message. Tones are audible throughout the conference by all Participants.
Leader Hangup
Conference will be disconnected after the last Leader disconnects to ensure that the conference does not incur additional charges for line(s) not disconnected from the conference.
Lecture Mode Conference
This conference is most suitable for presentations and large groups. Participants in the conference are placed into a "listen only" mode and only the leader can be heard. Star Command: *5
Lock Conference
When initiated by the Leader, this feature prohibits further entry of any new Participants into the conference. The Leader may lock and un-lock the call via Star Command *7 at anytime during conference. Star Command: *7
A serene ambiance will be provided in the conference waiting room. This prevents Participants from conferencing until the leader had initiated the conference. It also informs Participants that they have arrived in the conference.
Participants and Leaders can mute their individual line at any time during the conference. Mute can be toggled on and off.
Name Record/Playback
When enabled, Name Record/Playback prompts each Participant to record their name before they enter the conference. Every time a Participant enters the conference, the recorded name is played to the entire conference. By pressing *8 during the conference, the Leader or Participant can hear the names played back. Star Command: *8
Leader(s) can initiate a recording anytime during the conference. Participants can playback the conference at the end of the call. All recordings can be retrieved up to 30 days to from the date of the conference via audio stream MP3 link. Star Command: *2 (Record) *3 (Playback)
Optional Features
Blast Dial (Leader)
User created dial list via UBlast tool. Dial Lists are created via the UBlast Tool. List includes name and phone number of all Participants permitted to enter the conference. List may be edited up until the start of the conference. Optional blast initiation either by Leader Star Command (*92) or automatically initiated when the first Leader enters the conference. Leader(s) can "re-blast" via Star Command (*92) throughout the duration of the call to Participants.
Typed transcription of the conference can be provided per request. Transcription services are usually provided within 48 hours after the conference in a Word document via email. Additional charges apply.
Start conferencing with these
ReservationLess features:
  • Up to 300 Participants
  • Attendance Reports emailed after call
  • No Scheduling Required
  • Toll-Free Access*
  • 24/7 Operator Assistance & Customer Support
  • Plastic Wallet Card
  • Recordings
  • Automatic Email of MP3 Recording
  • Separate Leader & Participant passcodes

*For Canadian and International Toll-free additional fees may apply.

Manage your conference online
with these tools:
  • Audio Console
  • U-Blast
  • Outlook Plug-in
  • Customer Dashboard
  • Admin Dashboard

For more information about these tools, click here.