Scheduled Conference Call

Looking for a solid scheduled call conference solution that isn't too expensive? Our Scheduled conference call option provides the service you need at a price you can afford. Scheduled calls give you the ability to host more than 1,000 people on the line at a time and include valuable features like free recording and playback. Whether you're looking to connect with your business partners overseas or hold an investor call with thousands, our scheduled calls with operator assistance fits the bill.

Our Scheduled calls conferencing service will provide your company with trusted way to communicate and collaborate effectively. If you need operator assistance, we have professionals standing by to answer questions and/or provide other services. Operator assistance is available during the call by pressing *0.

Like all of our services, there is no international toll for participants from other countries. All participants dial the same telephone number and passcode, and are automatically added to the conference.

The Conference Group makes it easy to set up your scheduled call. Conference scheduling is available 24 hours a day by phone, email, or web.

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Included Features
Attendance Reports
A report detailing each conference call, including caller ID, entry and exit times, and a link to listen to a MP3 recording of the conference (if the conference is recorded by the Leader). The Attendance Report is emailed to the conference Leader following each call.
Audio Streams (MP3)
Link to an MP3 file of your recorded conference. Audio Stream files can be downloaded or streamed via your browser. MP3 files are compatible with most browsers and media players.
Billing Codes
When enabled, conference Leaders are prompted to enter a numeric code followed by the # key prior to gaining access to the conference. This code will appear on the invoice, enabling the Leader to track conference usage at the individual client level. Up to 20 Numeric characters.
Participants and Leaders can mute their individual line at any time during the conference. Mute can be toggled on and off.
Name Record/Playback
When enabled, Name Record/Playback prompts each Participant to record their name before they enter the conference. Every time a Participant enters the conference, the recorded name is played to the entire conference. By pressing *8 during the conference, the Leader or Participant can hear the names played back. Star Command: *8
Leader(s) can initiate a recording anytime during the conference. Participants can playback the conference at the end of the call. All recordings can be retrieved up to 30 days to from the date of the conference via audio stream MP3 link. Star Command: *2 (Record) *3 (Playback)
Optional Features
Blast Dial (Leader)
User created dial list via UBlast tool. Dial Lists are created via the UBlast Tool. List includes name and phone number of all Participants permitted to enter the conference. List may be edited up until the start of the conference. Optional blast initiation either by Leader Star Command (*92) or automatically initiated when the first Leader enters the conference. Leader(s) can "re-blast" via Star Command (*92) throughout the duration of the call to Participants.
Typed transcription of the conference can be provided per request. Transcription services are usually provided within 48 hours after the conference in a Word document via email. Additional charges apply.
Start conferencing with these
Scheduled features:
  • Toll-free Access*
  • 24x7 Operator Assistance & Customer Support
  • Different Leader & Participant codes

*For Canadian and International Toll-free additional fees may apply.

Tools that make conferencing easy:
  • Outlook Plug-in
  • Conference Manager
Scheduling your next conference call is a snap.
You will need:
  • Account Name & Account #
  • Leader Name
  • Contact Phone #
  • Contact Email
  • Date & Time of your call (Including Time Zone)
  • Estimated # of callers
  • Any additional features you desire