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New FREE mobile app that makes connecting to your calls easy!


Efficient, convenient, and free - that's Group-e. This easy to use app provides audio conferencing call connectivity from your mobile phone. The free mobile app is available through the Apple App Store, the Android Marketplace, and BlackBerry's AppWorld; works with ANY conference call service provider.

Group-e allows you to store all of your conferencing information conveniently on your mobile device. With all of your conference information ready to go, it's easy to host or participate in an audio conferencing call with a few taps on the screen. Group-e is compatible with most touch screen smart phones, and is developed and maintained by the Conference Group.

Our free mobile app provides unmatched convenience for clients on the go. Whether you're a frequent traveler, work from home, or just know you're going to be out of the office for a key meeting, Group-e will help ensure that you don't miss a moment. Group-e is compatible with all of The Conference Group's audio conferencing services.

  • Works with ALL Conference Call Service Providers
  • Host or Join your Conference Call with one tap
  • Store your Conference Call Access number and Passcode information
  • Know when a call is scheduled so you don't miss an appointment, even on the road
  • Receive notifications and announcements of the Conference Group's suite of products and services so you're always aware of the latest conferencing developments
  • Your conference information is stored locally on your mobile device