User Guide: Audio Console

Accessible via the Customer Dashboard, Audio Console allows you to control a conference in progress via a secure web interface on your desktop or mobile device. This User Guide describes the steps involved to use this tool. If you need additional assistance contact Support at 1.877.709.8255 or email Customer Service.

Getting Started - Accessing the Audio Console
  1. Open your preferred browser and log onto (Note: the Audio Console works best in Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and IE10 browsers)
  2. Click "Customer Dashboard" and log into your Customer Dashboard Account. If you do not have a Dashboard Account, click "Create Account" to set one up.
  3. Click the Audio Console Icon from the Customer Dashboard to start managing your call. (Figure A)

    The main console screen is displayed:


Starting a Call
  1. Select the conference from the "My Conferences" dropdown for which you want to view and/or manage.
  2. Once attendees (both Leaders & Participants) are in the conference they will appear in the Audio Console display. Conference Attendees can join the call by:
    Calling into the conference using the Dial-in Access # and the Leader or Participant Passcode provided.
    Being "called-out" to via the Contacts Panel. (Note additional charges may apply). See Dial Out Section for instructions.
  3. Click "Start Call" to initiate or start your call. This will stop the Hold Music, if it is playing, and all attendees will be able to listen and/or talk into the conference. (Note: Calls are billed based upon the time they are connected into the conference, not the time you start the call.)

Note: A Participant List is displayed when a Leader logs on to the Audio Console. (Figure B)


Dial Out - Contacts

From the Contacts panel you can Dial Out to conference attendees (both Leaders and Participants). Your contacts can be uploaded via a CSV file or manually entered one at a time. You can also Dial Out to your entire contact list, or to one contact at a time. (Figure C)

Note: Your Contact List will be saved and stored for future calls. Contacts will remain in the list until they are manually deleted.

Dial Out - Start

Note: A signed Leader Dial-Out Authorization Form is required. (For more information, you may contact

  1. Enter and/or Upload (see upload instructions below) your contact list into the Dial out section.
  2. Check the box next to each contact in your list that you would like to connect. Note: Select the checkbox at the top of the Contact List to "select all" of your contacts. (Note: A maximum of 10 Contacts may be called out to)
  3. Click "Dial Out Now" to start.
  4. Click "Return to call" once the Dial Out has been initiated.
  5. Click "Start Call" to initiate or start your call if you haven't already. This will stop the Hold Music, if it is playing, and all attendees will be able to listen and/or talk into the conference. (Note: Calls are billed based upon the time they are connected into the conference, not the time you start the call.)
Dial Out - Uploading Contacts

To save time you can upload your contacts via a CSV file. Download the sample CSV file and open it in Excel or your text editor. Follow the format provided to setup your list for upload. Note: This feature is NOT available on mobile devices.

  1. Select "Choose File" to locate your CSV file on your computer.
  2. Select your file to upload.
  3. Click "Upload".
  4. View uploaded contacts in the contact list.
Recording a Conference
Start a Recording
Press the record button to start a recording. The button will turn red and conference attendees will hear a voice prompt that the Recording feature has been activated.
Pause a Recording
Toggle the pause button to pause and un-pause a conference recording.
Stop a Recording
Press the Stop button to end a recording. Note: You will not be able to start another recording until your next call.

Access a Recording Recordings will be available 7 days for "Playback" via the Audio console and 30 days on the Customer Dashboard. See the Customer Dashboard instructions on downloading a recording.

Use the "Notes" feature to capture notes, reminders and memos during, before or after your audio conference. All notes are captured and saved for future reference in your Notes Timeline at the bottom of the Audio Console. Notes can be customized by color to indicate importance, priority or just for a little fun.

Click the Notes Button in the main menu bar to open or collapse the Notes Timeline.

Add a New Note

  1. Click the "Add New Note" button to add a new note to the timeline. Each note is date and time stamped for easy referencing.

Edit an Existing Note

  1. Select the Note from the timeline that you'd like to edit.
  2. Edit the Notes information in the popup window.
  3. Click Save.

Delete an Existing Note

  1. Select the Note from the timeline that you would like to delete.
  2. Click "delete" to permanently delete the note from your timeline. Please remember that deleting a note from the timeline can NOT be undone.
Audio "Playback"
  1. Click "Playback" to open the Audio Playback Panel. (Figure E)
  2. Select the recording you would like to playback from the dropdown list of available recordings.
  3. Use the Playback control buttons to begin playing the recording. NOTE: Initiating Playback will STOP recording IF you currently have it in progress.

Note: Only recording within the last 7 days will be available for Playback. It may take up to 20 minutes for a newly recorded file to become available for Playback)

Attendee Controls

Each call attendee (both Leaders and Participants) has individual controls associated with their line. With a simple click you can enter attendee's Contact information as well as Mute, Hold or Disconnect their line. (Figure F)

Edit Edit an Attendee's information. This makes it easier to keep track of who's who on the call.
Note: The "Name" field will display on the call detail report as well as an attendance report.
Mute Disable an Attendee's microphone.
Note: They will still be able to listen to the call.
Hold Disable an Attendee's microphone and speakers. This allows for private conversations between others on the call.
Note: Those on hold will hear music during this time.
End Disconnect an Attendee from the conference.
Note: This can NOT be undone.
Attendee List Display Options

Choose between a grid and table view to graphically display your attendee list and sort your list according to Name, Phone Number or Company.

Select Name, Phone or Company from the Sort Dropdown to filter your attendee list.
List/Grid Display Options
Toggle between a list and grid displays
Icons & Notifications

See the icons below to properly identify notifications, attendees and alerts during your conference.

On Hold
Active Talker (Indicates who's currently talking)
Quick Chart
1 Start/End Call
Click "Start Call" to initiate or start your call. This will stop the Hold Music, if it is playing. Click "End Call" to end your call (Note: This will hangup everyone in the call).
9 Notes
Ability to open or close the Notes Timeline. See how to Add/Edit Notes in the Notes section.
2 Mute All
Mute ALL attendees in the conference (Note: ALL Leaders & Participants will be muted).
10 Conference Selector
A full list of active Conferences will be listed here. You may switch accounts while monitoring a live call.
3 Un-Mute All
Un-Mute ALL attendees in the conference (Leaders & Participants will be un-muted).
11 Attendee Count Display
View the number of Leader and Participants in your call.
4 Playback
Opens the Playback Panel from which you can "playback" audio recordings of a previous conference.
12 Playback Panel
Toggled on and off by the Playback button. See "Playback Instructions" for details.
5 Contacts
Opens the Contacts Panel and Dial Out Section. From here you can upload and save conference call attendees and Dial Out to one or more attendees from your contacts list.
13 Attendees Panel
View all attendees as they enter and exit the call. From here you can edit Attendee information and control participation.
6 Lecture Mode
This feature can be toggled on and off. Participants are placed into a "listen only" mode where only the leader(s) can be heard.
14 Attendee Sort
Sort your Attendee list by Name, Phone Number or Company.
7 Recording
A Recording can be started anytime during the conference. There is also the ability to Pause and/or Stop the recording. (Note: If a recording is stopped prior to the end of the call it can NOT be restarted until the next call.)
15 Attendee Grid/List Display
Control how you display your attendee list. You can choose from a Grid or List (default) view.
8 Lock Conference
When initiated this feature prohibits further entry of any new Participants into the conference. Note: If you choose to record your call, this feature can ONLY be initiated AFTER a recording has been started and must be release BEFORE recording can be stopped.