User Guide: Event Answered

An Event Answered conference is an operator assisted conference call with multiple operators to answer all participant lines. This guide provides the basic information necessary to start using our Event Answered audio conferencing service. If you need additional assistance getting started or if you do not yet have an account, contact Event Answered support at 1.877.709.8255 or email Customer Service.

Schedule a Conference

Reservations can be made 24 hours a day by phone or email.

By PHONE: 877-709-8255 (U.S. & Canada) / 302-709-8255 (Int'l)
  1. Contact the Conference Group Customer Service department
    using the email address or phone # listed above.
  2. Have your account and conference reservation information available. (see below)
What you will need to make a reservation
  • Account Number
  • Leader Name
  • Date of conference(s)
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Time Zone
  • Number of callers
  • Email Address for confirmation
  • Special Features needed
Live Operator(s) Functions

Operator(s) are available throughout the duration of the conference to perform the following:
  • Answer leader/participant lines and collect up to 3 pieces of information*
  • Screen callers from a predetermined Allowed Only list
  • Operator Dial Out with additional participants dialing in with Verbal Passcode
  • Q&A Session with Verbal Passcode
  • Polling Session with Verbal Passcode
  • Host Room
  • Recording
  • Operator Announcement
  • Full-Time Operator to Listen (verbal passcode call)
  • Participant List with Verbal Passcode
*Registration fee applies to conferences collecting more than 3 pieces of information.
Access Phone Numbers

Your emailed Conference Confirmation will include:
  • U.S. Toll-Free
  • Canadian Toll-Free
  • Toll dial-in numbers
  • Passcode
To Access the Conference
  1. All callers dial the appropriate Access number listed on the Conference Confirmation email
  2. Callers will hold the line for the operator and give them their verbal passcode
  3. The operator will take the requested information from the participants before placing them into the conference