Video Conferencing

Meeting in a more personal setting with clients or employees who are located hundreds or thousands of miles away can prove to be a costly undertaking. When it's simply not cost-effective to bring everyone to the same table, video conferencing is the solution. The Conference Group offers the convenient and effective solutions that businesses need to get the most out of this cutting-edge technology. Our video conferencing service makes meeting face-to-face easy even when you're thousands of miles apart. Secure HD quality video is available. Maximize your video conferencing experience with our audio video conferencing solutions to ensure you can be seen and heard clearly.

A faster, more effective way to communicate - A video conference can be put together at a moment's notice. When you need to meet with clients or employees who are scattered in different geographical locations video conferencing removes the need for travel and ensures that you can immediately sit down and discuss important issues.

A more cost-effective solution - Playing host to a traditional meeting with multiple attendees can prove to be very costly when travel is required. A video conference eliminates the expense of travel without harming the flow of communications and the exchange of ideas. High quality audio video conferencing provides crystal clear graphics and audio and costs just a fraction of the price of traveling.

A better way to share ideas - A video conference is often the easiest way to share ideas and communicate your thoughts. This type of meeting enables attendees to see and hear each other so the contact is more personal than a phone call could ever be. It has all of the benefits of a face-to-face meeting with added bonuses like recordings of the call, transcripts, and more.

A solution that delivers on options - The Conference Group works hard to deliver the absolute best video conference experience available. Our video conferencing solutions are designed to enable users to customize their experience. Some of the features we provide our customers include multiple presenters, poll creation, global access, multiple platform support, up to 16 simultaneous video streams and more.

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