MegaMeeting is a browser-based video conferencing solution. MegaMeeting requires no downloading, installing or configuring of software. All you need is an Internet browser, a broadband Internet connection and a web camera. With those simple connectivity items, our powerful teleconferencing software can connect you to anyone else anywhere in the world, instantly.

MegaMeeting is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is designed to be compatible with most hardware as well, allowing your company to use their video camera and speaker systems of your choice.

With multipoint online video conferencing, up to 16 individuals can be seen at the same time, and an unlimited number of additional secure video conferencing attendees can see those 16. This kind of arrangement can provide powerful capabilities for brainstorming and teamwork. Consider what happens if each of those 16 cameras is positioned at the head of a table in your offices with employees seated along the length of the table. Suddenly, multipoint online video conferencing becomes a solution for connecting all your staff, worldwide, without the expense of travel.

Via VOIP or another of our audio conferencing solutions, your video conferencing participants are able to talk and hear one another by using standard telephones and/or, as recommended, headsets w/microphones.

MegaMeeting video conferencing is a powerful teleconferencing alternative to traditional in-person brainstorming sessions, client meetings, and even annual firm-wide events.

Start video conferencing with these
MegaMeeting features:
  • 100% Browser based
  • No software to download or install
  • 16 Multipoint video conferencing streams
  • Secure Conferencing
  • Recording Capabilities
  • Screen Sharing