Web Conferencing

When a face-to-face meeting just isn't possible, but effective communication is a must for business success, there are alternatives. Web conferencing is one of the most powerful solutions available to stand in the place of a traditional meeting. At the Conference Group, we are proud to offer our clients access to state-of-the art technology to drive their communications forward.

An online conference is the modern alternative to traditional meetings. Online conferencing provides businesses with the ability to add multiple attendees into a virtual meeting no matter where in the world a participant happens to be, as long as a computer with Internet access is available. Once attendees join a meeting, communications can flow freely with the ability to share desktops, display PowerPoint slides, and navigate websites. Today companies big and small are taking advantage of online conferencing to keep their communications high, their responsiveness fast, and their costs low.

Getting started with web conferencing is easy. Just select one of our comprehensive online meeting options, or give us a call if you're not sure which one is right for you.

Select from our Web Conferencing solutions below for more information:

Together Talk Web

Conduct meetings, presentations, interviews, Q&As, board meetings, consultations, conferences, and more -all from your personal Together Talk Video Meeting Room.