LotusLive Meeting

LotusLive Meetings is a full-featured web conferencing solution, designed for businesses of all sizes. Quickly and confidently share information, give presentations, and share screens in an interactive environment. LotusLive Meetings provides a practical and affordable solution for global communication for today's businesses. A group web conference can enhance team productivity, shorten sales cycles and contain travel costs.

LotusLive is designed to replace the traditional live meeting. Within the web conferencing environment, you are free to share, collaborate, and work together just as effectively as if you were all sitting around a single conference table. Now, the same kind of close teamwork can exist through the web. This group web conference works well for a variety of purposes ranging from structured presentations to free-form brainstorming and more.

The entire LotusLive platform is browser-based, allowing anyone to access it from anywhere with an internet connection. There is no software to download and no complex techniques to learn. It's as simple as logging in through our secure online portal. There is no need to schedule ahead of time; the live meeting can be set up whenever needed. The leader is able to show video of themselves to assist with guidance and/or give a stronger presence and personable touch to the entire web conferencing process.

Start web conferencing with these
LotusLive Meeting features:
  • No Downloads! Browser based interface
  • Reservationless, start instantly
  • Easy to use, No training needed
  • Free Recordings
  • Question & Answer Groups
  • Video for Leader via webcam